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Manifestation is a gift. We ALL have it, and we use it all the time, whether we are aware of it or not.

The Compost Heroes: A (Mostly) True Fable for Modern Times

When a landfill threatens their home, forest animals join forces to ‘rescue’ the garbage and turn it into compost! A must-have educational resource for children, parents and educators who care about the environment. Endorsed by folk-singer/environmentalist Pete Seeger: “If there is still a world here in 2011 it will be billions of little things that will save us. Thanks, Ms. Linker!” Easy-to-follow comic book form – even the littlest tots will be engaged by the animals’ adventure. A library must-have for parents and educators to help children understand the importance of caring for our planet.

The Power of Choice: 20 Visionaries Share Their Personal Power of Choice Moments

The power of choice is one of the greatest powers in your life—perhaps even the greatest power. Your choices determine your life experience. They can make the difference between joy and sorrow, success and failure, and sometimes even life and death.

This collection, by 20 soulful writers exploring the power of choice, includes Reba Linker’s essay on the choices facing Queen Esther during reign of King Xerxes I of Persia – and what they mean for us today (spoiler alert: her choices have a lot to teach us today!).

100% of sales will be donated to the Performing Animal Welfare Society. Click here to purchase your copy of The Power of Choice today.

This process is the true excitement of the journey, as we travel deeper into the full mastery of our subject, which is our own true nature.

Imagine having the power to create what you wish in your life!

The Little Book of Manifesting Big teaches you all you need to know in clear, simple terms that take away the hocus-pocus, and yet still invites you to get closer to the mystery and magnificence that is such a beautiful and, yes, such a mystical part of the experience.

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This beautifully illustrated book contains universal techniques, learned from a true spiritual master, expressed with clarity, humor and wisdom. Read it today and open the doors to a life that is as abundant as your wildest imagination!