Author Reba Linker manifested $10.000 in her 1st week of manifesting!

How fantastic would it be if you had the ability to create what you wish!?

How awesome would your life be if you felt at home with your own manifesting power?!


Manifesting is SIMPLE and EASY, once you get the knack! Some books are all candy-coated promises - this one gives you the tools you need, and also guides you past the bumps that arise along the way that make some people get discouraged that they simply 'don't have the power.'
Well, you do have the power, each of us does! Like any natural talent, it takes nurturing to hone that gift, and, like any powerful tool, it takes skill and practice to learn to use it well and wisely. Here's to your manifesting success!

Jodi Chapman

“The Little Book of Manifesting Big takes on a huge topic and makes it simple,  manageable, and doable. In it, Reba Linker shows how we truly do create our own reality!”